Irina is the enthusiastic and innovative founder of Power Portraits, and a photographer, best known for her vibrant photographic style and dynamic business portraiture. She made it her mission to educate brands on maximizing the connection with their audiences by using the power of photography.

A never-ending optimist, she immigrated to the US in pursuit of professional and personal growth. With a cushy IT career behind her, Irina launched a photography business, thus making a 180 degree turn in life and jumping in head first into the world of professional creativity.

Having grown up in the former Soviet Union, she started as a complete newbie to the business mentality and created a well-functioning business using nothing but guts, persistence, and an open mind.

Irina is a charismatic and fun speaker, surprising her audience with little known facts supported by science, insightful stories, and visual intelligence. She teaches businesses to connect what they see to how they feel, and to harness that cognition in reaching their ideal clients with their engaging visual brand strategy.

In her talks, Irina teaches how we function as visual beings and the way images affect our decisions. She lets the audience not only hear that fact from her, but utilizes visual components of her presentation to drive the point home. The impact of having a well-developed visual strategy is tremendous for businesses, and she makes this evident in her presentations. Serving the audiences of business owners everywhere, Irina brings the message that is a must-heed in this oversaturated world of content.

True to her commitment to betterment in every direction every step of the way, all while shaking things up, you will find Irina prioritizing her health and physical training, traveling to foreign lands discovering other cultures, and skillfully navigating business and life challenges with humor and grace.

Popular talks

"How we function as visual beings."

"Translating what we see into how we feel."

"How images affect our decisions."

“Irina makes ‘visual branding’ human. She makes a critical business strategy and skill set accessible for the most inexperienced business person. She helps people really GET the power they have to emotionally connect with their customers and how to actually execute on that power.”

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